HP 1010 driver


HP 1010 printer users across the world are disappointed with Windows 7 and HP as there are no drivers to make the printer work with Windows 7. hp1010windows7.com has now come up with a unique solution that makes the HP 1010 printer work with Windows 7 without a hitch.


HP 1010 driver

Press release: Windows 7, for many throughout the world was a welcome windows upgrade as the users were irate about its predecessor vista and the series of issues it gave. Even though most of the users are satisfied about Windows 7, owners of HP 1010 printers are certainly not.

There is not even a single HP 1010 printer driver available either in the HP website or with a third party and people who loved HP 1010 printer for its durability were literally shocked to know this.

The owner of hp1010windows7.com, who is an experienced computer science engineer, was one among the thousands who was not able to find a driver. “To make a long story short, after a lot of searching and many hours of my own time spent working on this hp 1010 driver issue, I came up with a permanent solution that works like a dream.  My HP 1010 is now running perfectly on windows 7” quoted the owner of the site who has now found a unique solution that solves the HP 1010 printer driver issue for Windows 7 permanently.

Even though it is unclear about the exact number of steps to be followed, owner of hp1010windows7.com assures that the steps will be very basic and simple and one will not have to do any drastic changes to their Windows 7 operating system to make the HP 1010 printer work with it.

The owner is also in the process of creating a tutorial video that will help the users to understand the driver solution that he has worked out. All one needs to do is to leave a comment on hp1010windows7.com with their contact details to get a reply regarding their driver issue.

For all those who are struggling to get their HP 1010 printers up and running with Windows 7, this comes as great news as the solution is prepared by an Experienced Computer Science Engineer who knows what he is doing.

HP 1010 driver


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